Swim Cortez 2013 crew member Lieutenant Dennis W. Sullivan publishes first book

At what point in a boy’s life does he understand the power of his choices?

Thirteen-year-old Luc’s carefree existence is rocked by a fantastical turn of events when a family secret revealed sends him on a series of exciting rescue adventures.
Rescue Chronicles brings together the everyday life and playfulness of a teenage boy, historic events, and fire-rescue time travel as our young hero embarks on a series of amazing journeys. Luc time-travels to events like the San Francisco earthquake of 1906 and the Great Chicago Fire. He comes from a long line of proud San Francisco firefighters and is already obsessed with the fire service. Luc’s story imparts the values of the fire department and illustrates that character and integrity are essential parts of any hero’s journey. Now Luc will be called to duty—facing life-anddeath decisions—guided by his grandfather and a strange kinship with an ancient, historic hero.

About the Author
Lieutenant Dennis W. Sullivan is a third-generation, 24-year veteran of the San Francisco Fire Department. He has been named Firefighter of the Year, earned medals for meritorious service, and shown valor during rescues. An avid waterman and outdoor enthusiast, Dennis has also proudly served his community for three terms as director of the Southern Marin Fire Protection District. He and his wife, Annette, have a son named Luc.



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