Would we be fools to think we are the cause of global warming?

On Monday mornings following a weekend spent with the family I often sit down and write,  I write most Mondays, but today I want to share the following.

The idea relates to climate change.

Let me be clear—there is no doubt in my mind regarding the impact we are having on the climate.  I recall long bike rides in perfect weather when I couldn’t see blue in the sky because of pollution.  I can’t imagine we aren’t having an impact.  I think of all the people commuting to work around the world and wonder how our way of life can’t possibly have an impact.  I think of China where on some days the pollution is so bad the government warns people not to go outside.

I see pictures like this link to images of Chin’s pollution that tell a much better story than words I would use to describe the impact of air pollution.

I have felt the the story of pollution on days like these images reflect on my lungs at the end of 100+ mile bike rides.  I’ve experienced firsthand how pollution impacts personal health. When breathing deep I’ve felt the burn in my lungs .

Yet, people, even some “scientists,” continue to cast a shadow of doubt over our skies of truth stating we are not the cause of global warming, by stating we are not the cause of climate change.

The burn in my lungs motivates me to write.

Look at the big picture.

So what?

What if we are not the cause of global warming?  What is the damage of policies placed by politicians that restrict the production of pollution?  Is it going to crush the economy?  I don’t think so and I look at greater possibilities explained by the EPA in the following link.  EPA and the Clean Air Act

Even if policies of climate change do have a negative impact on the economy isn’t the cost worth a chance for a breath of fresh air?

Life teaches us there are consequences as a result of our actions.  If you burn a fire indoors without good ventilation you will choke.  If 7.4 billion people live as if they are having no impact on this place we call earth, our home, the consequences seem obvious to me.  But, I’m not a scientist—I’m just a guy who appreciates big and deep breaths of clean air.  So what’s the worst case scenario if we make policies towards change?  Is it that we don’t want to be the fools who believed in An Inconvenient Truth?  Is it a difference in politics and we refuse to believe because the other side has claimed the fight as theirs?

Who is the fool when people wear face masks on their commute to work?

Why does this have to be about politics and what is the true motivation in scientific differences?

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